Brief descriptions for all entities in quake 2. Click each header for a more descriptive page.


Entity Description
cp_clear clears all the checkpoints of the player
cpbox_large/medium/small adds a single checkpoint to a player
jump_cpbrush physical wall that can be triggered by checkpoints
jump_cpwall see through wall that can be triggered by checkpoints
jumpbox_large/medium/small multi-sized blocks that are usually used by admins to block shortcuts
light_torch a lit torch model
one_way_wall prevents movement in certain direction while allowing it in others
start_line covers the start area of a map to make the timer not start on movement
trigger_finish triggers the finish of a run
trigger_lapcounter counts how many laps a player has done on a map
trigger_lapcp these are needed to be picked up to complete a map
trigger_quad gives the player quad damage
trigger_quad_clear removes quad damage from the player
trigger_single_cp_clear clears a single checkpoint from a player


Entity Description
ammo_bullets ammo for the machine gun and chaingun
ammo_cells ammo for the hyperblaster and BFG
ammo_grenades ammo for the grenade launcher and hand grenades
ammo_rockets ammo for the rocket launcher
ammo_shells ammo for the single barrel and double barrel shotgun
ammo_slugs ammo for the railgun


Entity Description
func_areaportal Used to hide areas from the compiler
func_button Triggers other entities to act
func_clock An annoying to use clock
func_door A single-plane door
func_door_rotating A rotating door
func_door_secret Doors that look like walls until you shoot them
func_explosive Destroyed when triggered
func_killbox Kills everything inside of it
func_object Falls down when triggered
func_plat A moving platform
func_rotating A rotating platform
func_timer A timing device for other entities
func_train A moving object that follows path_corner entities
func_wall A triggered wall
func_water A water brush that can move


Entity Description
info_notnull Some uses with lasers and teleports
info_null Targeted by a light entity to make a spotlight
info_player_coop Spawn for a coop game
info_player_deathmatch Spawn for a deathmatch game
info_player_intermission Camera view after a level ends
info_player_start Spawn for a single player game


Entity Description
item_adrenaline Adds 1 to max health
item_ancient_head Adds 2 to max health
item_armor_body Adds 100 armor
item_armor_combat Adds 50 armor
item_armor_jacket Adds 25 armor
item_armor_shard Adds 2 armor
item_bandolier Increases ammo capacity for weapons
item_breather Provides oxygen underwater
item_enviro Provides protection from harmful fluids
item_health Adds 10 HP
item_health_large Adds 25 HP
item_health_mega Adds 100 HP
item_health_small Adds 2 HP
item_invulnerability Temporary invulnerability
item_pack Adds a large amount of ammo and increases carrying capacity
item_power_screen Adds 200 armor against energy weapons
item_power_shield Adds armor against energy weapons, drains cells
item_quad Adds 4x damage to all weapons
item_silencer Silences the sound of weapons


Entity Description
key_airstrike_target Key/checkpoint
key_blue_key Key/checkpoint
key_commander_head Key only
key_data_cd Key/checkpoint
key_data_spinner Key/checkpoint
key_pass Key/checkpoint
key_power_cube Key/checkpoint
key_pyramid Key/checkpoint
key_red_key Key/checkpoint


Entity Description
light A normal ent light, invisible
light_mine1 A light from the mine levels, have a shape
light_mine2 A light from the mine levels, have a shape


Entity Description
misc_banner Large flag, use angle to put the face in the right direction
misc_bigviper Non-moving, massive version of misc_viper
misc_blackhole A roughly 256x256 spinning blackhole
misc_deadsoldier A dead soldier model
misc_easterchick An easterchick model, uses all 3 models
misc_easterchick2 An easterchick model, uses all 3 models
misc_eastertank An easterchick model, uses all 3 models
misc_explobox Barrels that can be pushed, and explode when shot
misc_gib_arm Gib piece
misc_gib_head Gib piece
misc_gib_leg Gib piece
misc_insane Insane soldier
misc_satellite_dish Satellite dish that can be targeted
misc_strogg_ship Flying space ship
misc_teleporter A teleporter
misc_teleporter_dest A teleporter destination
misc_viper Flying space ship
misc_viper_bomb A droppable bomb for the viper ship


Entity Description
monster_berserk a melee strogg
health: medium
monster_boss2 the tank_boss, but he flies
health: very high
monster_boss3 use monster_jorg instead
monster_brain a slow, but creepy enemy
health: medium
monster_chick a chick with a rocket launcher
health: medium
monster_flipper a barracuda
health: low
monster_floater a tanky flying menace
health: medium
monster_flyer a flying menace
health: very low
monster_gladiator a strogg with a rocket launcher
health: medium
monster_gunner a strogg grenader
health: medium
monster_hover a jetpacked menace
health: medium
monster_infantry a slightly smarter soldier
health: low
monster_jorg an absolute unit of a boss
health: ultra high
monster_makron use monster_jorg instead
monster_medic revives fellow strogg
health: medium
monster_mutant flying bastards
health: medium
monster_parasite an unhelpful dog
health: medium
monster_soldier slighty stronger than a solider_light
health: low
monster_soldier_light a low level mob
health: low
monster_soldier_ss slighter stronger than a soldier
health: low
monster_supertank a big baddie with lots of guns
health: very high
monster_tank a hyperblasting, chaingunning, rocketing madman
health: high
monster_tank_commander a fancy tank
health: high


Entity Description
path_corner A travel point for other entities


Entity Description
point_combat A travel point for other entities before they attack


Entity Description
target_blaster Triggered blaster fire
target_changelevel Target for a level change trigger
target_character Numbers in a func_clock
target_crosslevel_target Cross level target
target_crosslevel_trigger Cross level trigger
target_earthquake Creates an earthquake
target_explosion Creates an explosion
target_goal Just use a target_secret
target_help Makes help messages appear
target_laser Multiple colors of laser
target_lightramp Fades light in and out, very subtle
target_secret A secret to find in a map, one time use
target_spawner Spawns most items
target_speaker Plays sound
target_splash Splashes different particles
target_string Used with func_clock
target_temp_entity Spawns some large particle effects and lighting


Entity Description
trigger_always Always on trigger
trigger_counter Multiple input trigger
trigger_elevator Elevator trigger
trigger_gravity Gravity changing trigger
trigger_hurt Damage a player
trigger_key Trigger that works like picking up a key ent
trigger_monsterjump Triggers a monster to jump
trigger_multiple Mutliple time use trigger
trigger_once One time use trigger
trigger_push Push a player in a certain direction
trigger_relay Relays actions to other entities


Entity Description
turret_base Difficult to use turret entities


Entity Description
weapon_bfg BFG
ammo = cells
weapon_chaingun Chaingun
ammo = bullets
weapon_grenadelauncher Grenade launcher
ammo = grenades
weapon_hyperblaster Hyperblaster
ammo = cells
weapon_machinegun Machine gun
ammo = bullets
weapon_railgun Railgun
ammo = slugs
weapon_rocketlauncher Rocket launcher
ammo = rockets
weapon_shotgun Shotgun
ammo = shells
weapon_supershotgun Super shotgun
ammo = shells


Entity Description
worldspawn Default entity for a map to compile

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