Below is a simple config for a jump server. You can edit the fields to what you need. I used my own config for this and tried to keep only essentials, so some values may not be ideal for you. Just delete all your old configs and place this in your mod folder. Feel free to add lines anywhere with additional binds or settings you may want. I included a lot of FPS binds to give some examples of different options, delete the ones you don’t like or don’t need.

Filename to Save As:
Select a File to Load:

Some examples for additional binds could be:

Command Description
replay replay the first place time on a map
reset removes your store location
recall 2 or 3 go to your 2nd or 3rd previous store location
velstore toggle storing velocity with store
yes / no for quickly voting
votetime 5 quickly add 5 minutes to a map
mapvote random randomly vote a new map

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