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Current Events

Q2 Identity Cup

Link to the full tournament page.

This will be a traditional q2 jump/mapping tournament, with a few twists to make it interesting. A general outline is below, with the specifics of each side of the tournament in their own respective section.

  • Tournament will start roughly October 9th. Maps will be due around the same time.
  • New maps made by the community that all feature an identity
  • Matches are played on the new maps
  • Mapping contest maps are judged by gameplay and creativity
  • Sign-ups are on our Discord
  • If you are new, and want to try to get involved, ask us questions on discord to get set up.

What’s an identity? An identity is generally a defining characteristic of the map. This could either be a unique environment, a creative jump, or anything else setting it apart from other maps. The idea behind this is to create distinctive maps that people remember. Here are some examples.

Current Prizepool: Total: $200

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