clients: The default client is Q2pro, and the alternative is r1q2. Q2pro has some more modern options, while r1q2 might feel more vanilla for old school players.


These are package files meant for people who want to join jump quickly without needing to download files on every map they join.

maps: A collection of jump maps.

textures: A collection of textures.

sounds: A collection of sounds.

envs: A collection of environments.

HD vanilla: A pak0 alternative with HD textures. This is not needed and will change the appearance of many maps. Only use this if you want to change the orignal texture pack to look more modern.


Jumpmod 1.34 dll: The current windows jumpmod binary file. Use this to test your maps!

Ent file for BSP: The ent file for the BSP map editor.

Ent file for Quark: The ent file for the Quark map editor.

Ent file for TrenchBroom: The ent file for the TrenchBroom map editor.

Maptools: A neat tool that can be used to convert textures, scale maps, and a number of other things.

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