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Mod Changelogs

-Reenabled strafehud, PRAISE THE TOUCAN
-new ent, jump_cpbrush
    -similar to a jump_cpwall, but this is a physical wall that can be assigned a textures
    -count: how many checkpoints are needed to activate or deactivate the wall
    -default: deactivates if player checkpoint total is  >= count
    -if spawnflag 1 is set, it activates when checkpoint total is >= count
-fix for scoreboard showing the wrong time for a player
-lapcounter changes
    -removed angle and speed from the ent
    -use a one_way_wall if you want to block a direction
-mapvoting for a map with a number at the start will no longer vote for an id instead
    -restructured most of the mapvote function to be a little smoother
-fix for replays not touching items, checkpoints, and other things that made them look funky
-moved checkpoint related think functions to their own function
    -connected this function to the hud_footer so updating hud is smoother
    -no longer updates every frame, only when it needs to
-added droptofloor to worldspawn mset options

-added mapvote skill
    -mapvote skill 1-5, depending on skill of map you want
-added light_torch ent
    -use style 64-70 for different light flickering
    -default model is `models/bits/torch/tris.md2`
    -change the model by setting the model in your editor
-mappers can now set mset's in their maps!
    -admins can override this using mset in game
    -admins can reset using mset clear
-added trigger_finish
    -can trigger any weapon
    -default is railgun, add alternatives with `message` keypair with the weapon name
-added mset `quad damage`
    -default 0
    -range is 0-6, weapon damage is multiplied by the value
-added mset/gset rocketjump_fix
    -rocketjumps now approximate vectors
    -distance from rocket explosion from units 28.1 to 48.3 is now equal
    -this means rocketjumps should now be more consistant!
-negative splits will now be shown in green to show you improved
-finish msg no longer spams in team easy after grabbing the gun
    -you can now grab the gun multiple times in easy to see your time
-first place messages are now green
-added addcmd support, secret stuff boys
-idle kick now only happens when server is close to full
-reminder that trigger_hurt can add health as well ;)
-changed keystroke ui to use icons instead of text
-added cl_maxfps to userinfo
-fixes for replay, should be more accurate
-fix for spam commands at the end of a map
-fix for a store bug nobody found +quiet
-removed a lot cp_resize stuff, don't use it

-added trigger_lapcounter:
    -resizable ent that acts as a lap counter
    -prints out laptimes to the player, and how many laps left
    -does not end a run, still need a weapon_finish or railgun
    -count: how many lap checkpoints are needed to finish a lap, min 1
    -angle: set in the direction you want players to go, required field
    -speed: speed needed to pass the ent, not required, default 0
    -wait: time between trigger activations
-added trigger_lapcp:
    -resizable ent that acts as internal checkpoints for a trigger_lapcounter
    -count: which cp is it, limited to 0-63 per lap
-added mset/gset for lap_total
    -sets the number of laps needed to finish a map
-store changes:
    -added velocity storing with velstore:
        -toggle command similar to jumpers
        -uses the normal store/recall commands
        -store now always stores full velocity of the player
        -if velstore is toggled on, recall will retrieve it
    -store now has it's own data structure
        -max stores is now 7, recall 0-6
-added one_way_wall ent/trigger:
    -allows player through in one direction only
    -angle: angle the player is allowed to pass in, required
    -speed: threshold speed used below
    -spawnflags: if 1, and the player's speed > ent speed, pass regardless of angle
-added two new triggers, trigger_quad, trigger_quad_clear
    -gives/takes away quad damage
    -wait: time between trigger activations
    -set spawnflag 1 to disable message feedback
    -weapon_clear trigger now removes quad damage
    -quad pickup is no longer handled by pickup_powerup, has it's own fxn pickup_quad
    -quad is now infinite
-jump_cpwall changes:
    -will now function without the need for setting checkpoint_total
    -added `style 1`, will check for lap checkpoints instead of normal checkpoints
-cpbox changes:
    -can now be shot if given the `health` field
        -health: health the box has, recommend 1
        -hitting it gives the player the checkpoint
        -recommend not using the smallest box
    -if `target` field is set to `ordered`, players have to pick up cp's in order
-added the ability to gate a trigger_teleport by speed
    -speed: minimum speed to use the teleporter
-bottom hud is new and shiny, praise draxlord
    -dynamically hugs the bottom of the screen, depending on what is being used
    -lap count added to hud
-race changes:
    -gives who you are racing in the feedback
    -removed and added some new feedback messages
-teleporters can be limited to specific teams
    -spawnflag 128 ignores team easy
    -spawnflag 256 ignores team hard
    -this has some use mostly in testing
    -also for quick teleporting around a map for team easy users
-remmap now removes completions and score from users, then deletes its tourney_file
    -also now works on current map being played

-can now recall when dead, no longer need to +attack
-fully removed glue references, we are free at last
-mapsleft and mapsdone now start at 1 instead of 0
-speedometer no longer gets speed of nearby ents
-fixed a logic error in picking up weapons
-cleanhud should be cleaner
-hud now updates when chasing a player, also when switching specs
-added idle tag to specs who are idle AND watching a replay
-fixed weird hud issue when specing someone mid them watching a replay
-checkpoints now cleared on start of replays
-wording fixed for when there are no demos to watch
-trigger_push cpwalls are no longer advised, use jump_cpwall or one way walls
-cpsounds should now only play locally when in a replay
-fixed some issues with what team a player joins after a replay

-idle changes:
    -crash from loading previous player's idle status fixed
    -now split between autoidle and command idle
    -idle by command blocks voting
    -mapvote, timevote, silence, boot all force unidle when autoidle
    -if vote is for map, time, nom, rand, dummpy, only unidle vote
    -all other votes, boot, silence, etc, all clients vote regardess of idle status
    -added a check for the "you finished in" situation
    -ui is now live updated with your checkpoint value and total checkpoints due to cphud()
    -chasers now see how many checkpoints you have
    -chasers now see checkpoint based lights and effects
    -chasers now see checkpoint splits
    -alignment for idle players is better
    -bug where it didn't show you were replaying fixed
    -hook going through jump_cpwall fixed
    -added an overwrite to default sound fxn
    -sound is more directionally accurate
    -moved many sounds to be local only when using the jumpers cmd
    -removed gsets for these sounds
    -ex: water, drowning, landing thuds, few other thing

-fixed a problem with converting old score files
-fixed a problem where idle players didn't show who they were chasing

-checkpoint lights:
    -turn lights on or off when players grab checkpoints
    -set `style` 100-163 for turning lights on
    -set `style` 200-256 for turning lights off
    -correspond with cpbox values of 0-63
    -checkpoints now give split time from previous checkpoint
    -team hard is 3 decimals, team easy is 1 decimal
-replay changes:
    -race is now usable in replays
    -replays now show approximate checkpoint times
-new cmd `mute_cprep:
    -disables sound and msg from checkpoint pickup in replays
    -removed a debug line that caused crashes
    -replay max length reduced to 20,000 seconds
    -fixed problem with client idle on load in

-idle cmd:
    -typing idle makes you... idle
    -saved thru map changes
    -checking leaderboard no longer makes you go unidle
    -add a count to trigger_multiple 1-9, for 9 different versions
    -will trigger once, per person, per map
    -useful to add a welcome msg to a map, or a room description
    -now saves up to 100,000 seconds, up from 1,000
    -4 new replay speeds, 25x, 100x, -25x, -100x
-sound changes:
    -jumpers cmd now also mutes jump sounds of other players
    -cpsound cmd works again, toggles sound from checkpoints, default is on
    -checkpoint sounds only play to the player who pick them up
    -jumpsound is now female only, no more loud ogreadmin grunts!
    -fixed the jumpsound lag when moving quickly
-speedometer works in replays
-maptimeswp without argument now looks up current map
-added gset for disabling drowning sounds
    -fixed a bug where you couldn't recall after joining a team
    -fixed bug where you couldn't talk while vote was going on
    -fixed a bug with cpwall not appearing
    -fixed some overflows and handling problems that could cause crashes
    -disabled an old antiglue cmd that could cause crashes
    -changename works again
    -fixed display issue for nomination list
    -fix to addclip so it's not a LOCAL THING
    -cleanhud works how it should now
    -!seen commands now works for names with numbers at the start

-added "telehack" to trigger_teleport
    -set "message" to "telehack"
    -calculates where you enter the trigger
    -player spawns that same distance from the destination
-added jump_cpeffect
    -dynamic light effect that turns off with the right cp value
    -set "count" to the desired cp value
    -gl_dynamic 1 needed to see it
-added maptimeswp
    -prints the fastest time from the wireplay server
    -ex: maptimeswp ps3
-added a console command to add maps, sv addsinglemap <mapname>
-added slip's program to list textures from a bsp file to the scripts folder

-speedometer now shows current speed instead of top speed
-speedometer is now enabled in hard mode (was already possible with q2pro)
-attacking now starts the timer (fixes a map where you spawn on top of a weapon)
-attack is now listed near jump/left/right etc when you use it
-top 15 board is back to all white, with slight gaps between names
-solution file has been updated to a min visual studio version of 2015

-some changes to the output of using showtimes, mutecps, and ezmode
-"yes" and "no" can be typed into console while there is no vote going on
-jump_cpwall now uses a small teleport instead of a push, should work well now
-fixed a memory leak that showed a weird value in ping

-raceline disabled until the ent/sec ratio is... not insane
-null memory fix in scoreboard

-added cmd, raceline, shows the full raceline of a replay as tiny blue orbs
-added jump_cpwall ent, a resizable wall
    -add a count to gate behind that many checkpoints
    -if you don't have the checkpoint value, it pushes you back
    -if you don't have the checkpoint value, you can give it a particle effect
            1: red
            2: green
            4: blue
            8: yellow
            16: orange
        -once you have the number needed, the particles disappear
-added mset, ezmode
    -if set to 1, store and recall work on hard mode
    -time does NOT reset on recall
    -this will NEVER be added to any pre-existing maps
-added cmd, ezmsg, toggles on displaying your total number of recalls in ezmode

-rewrote weapon and item pickup, client info should be more consistent with messages
-weapon pickup is now automatic, which means picking up a weapon instantly switches
    -this means multiple weapon jumps can be used in a map without players needing to use a bind
-items and weapons can no longer be picked up after you complete a map, fixes some spam msgs

-fix to a weird blue orb that showed up on some ents
-fix to scoreboard alignment for players without a score or time
-fixed a crash when teleporter has a target, but the target doesn't exist

-mapvote and mvote changes, added a few new ways to vote maps:
    -mapvote new - the newest map.
    -mapvote newtodo - the newest map you haven't done.
    -mapvote no longer disabled under 2 minutes
    -mapvote phrasing is changed, more consistent
-scoreboard changes:
    -display bug where you get another player's time is gone
    -top 15 now alternates white/green row by row
    -team is displayed as a column
    -spacing is improved
-teleporter changes:
    -styles 1000-1063 added
        -each one matches the corresponding count on a cpbox of 0-63
        -if you have the SPECIFIC checkpoint, you CAN'T use the teleporter
    -styles 2000-2063 added
        -each one matches the corresponding count on a cpbox of 0-63
        -if you have the SPECIFIC checkpoint, you CAN use the teleporter
-cpbox changes:
    -cpbox limit is now 0-63, up from 0-15
        -cpbox now correctly checks for the limit
    -cp_clear and start_line added to cpboxes
        -set target = cp_clear or start_line to enable it
-admin changes:
    -rearranged admin levels to be more reasonable
    -all cmd defaults are now 1-5
    -admin login is now more readable
    -some lesser used commands are no longer listed (addball, throwup, etc)
    -removed several useless or broken commands (reset, resync, etc)
    -removed forceteam
-mset/gset/aset completely changed:
    -fully alphabetized in menu now
    -removed or merged the majority into more coherent names
    -removed acmd completely, all former commands work without acmd prefix
    -many old mset are now gset only
    -made defaults match descriptions
    -decreased min values, increased max values for many settings
    -hook is no longer an admin cmd
    -goto is no longer an admin cmd
    -fixed a few mset commands not saving on map change
-jump_clip now works:
    -in game only editing, using the addclip cmd
    -creates a clipping plane based on 2 points you set
    -to use:
        -addclip mark1, addclip mark2, addclip create
    -can also make them a checkpoint:
        -addclip mark1, addclip mark2, addclip checkpoint #
-race number display should display correctly now

-removed around 400 useless variables
-removed redundant check in fps checking
-cpbox fix, makes sure it's player touching it
-slight fix to trigger_song and song_timer
-ctftech can no longer spawn
-checkpoints now put out sound at their location, not origin
-checkpoint sounds are temp disabled
-removed sound from cp_clear
-added new fxn, CPSoundCheck, checks if a cp should play a sound
-added gset for first place song length, numberone_length, the default is the van halen shit, 17 seconds

-autostore on team join now drops the ent to the floor
-score format has been updated to fix multiple bugs that required scripts before:
    -removing a time from the top 15 should now fill in the correct missing time
    -duplicate maps in a player's file should not exist
    -number of maps completed by a player should be accurate    
-fixed buggy race and cp UI
-race number no longer displayed while in a replay
-teleporter can now take two new fields:
    -count can be set to any value, and the player must have a MATCHING checkpoint value to use the teleporter
    -style can be set to 1337, and the player can have any checkpoint value >= to the count to use the teleporter   
-new g/mset for setting ghost semi transparent, ghost_trans
-jumpers makes the ghost invisible on both hard and easy now, was hard only before
-new toggle, showtimes, allows players to view all finish times, instead of just personal bests, defaults off
-removed references to `idle` in some cmds
-cl_maxfps is now handled in game code instead of q2admin
    -new g/mset for toggling kicking for low/high fps, fpskick, default is on
    -going over 120fps now kicks
    -clients are now forced to 120fps on load in    
-1st place song no longer overlaps if multiple people set a 1st
-`lock`/`resync` is no longer listed twice in acmd
-acmd remtimes is now acmd remalltimes, remtime still works the same

-spawnflag 3(1+2) on trigger tele ignores destination angle
    -also needs `mset fasttele 1` to work correctly
-minor hookfix
-added checkpoint boxes, same sizes as normal adminboxes
-added ClearCheckpoints fxn

-grabbing gun without cp message has a cooldown.
-grabbing gun on easy message has a cooldown
-store saves the amount of checkpoints you had at that point in time
-fix to the number of completions shown on score screen

-team easy now only gets x.x read out from checkpoints, hard still gets
-new mset `fast_firing` that allows the rocket launcher to shoot much more frequently
-weapon_finish now gives you the proper model, gets rid of a bug where rail shot faster because of no animation
-removed some animation from teleport that caused some crashes
-dont pick up rocket, bfg, if their mset isnt enabled
-trigger_push's that have a checkpoint requirement only display the msg once every 5 seconds (less spam)
-removed a little lag from the weapon_pickup fxn

-another time display bug fix
-start line fix, gives .xxx finish times now instead of .x
-checkpoints now give .xxx instead of .x

-weapon_finish no longer rotates (didn't see this as it usually invisible)
-fixed a votetime bug where map ended too early
-fixed a bug where if a player is in first, and you tie first, it printed to all players instead of just the player
-spawnflag 1 on trigger_teleport and misc_teleporter now save velocity
    -this ignores the angle of the misc_teleporter_dest, as velocity is both speed + angle

-new makefile for linux, more stable
-mset/gset gravity can now take negative values
-mset/gset checkpoint_total max value is now 28, the max potential atm
-new ent, cp_clear, it removes all checkpoints from a player
-new ent, start_line
    -restarts time when you pass it
    -resets checkpoints you have
    -removes all weapons you have
-new ent, weapon_clear
    -clears all weapons from inventory
    -switches your weapon to a blaster
    -the older way to do this was with a trigger_hurt
-new mset/gset, bfg, turn it on to be able to use bfg jumps
    -bfg now has infinite ammo with this toggled
    -projectile and weapon splash visible with this toggled
-the way time is applied is changed for better future use
    -uses a pickup counter instead of comvoluted if/else
-crash fix for checkpoint wall, now checks to make it's a player passing it
-new toggle, cpsound, toggles the sound of picking up checkpoints and cp_clear
-default respawn time of weapons is now 1 second, instead of 30, mostly for local testing
-changed default run_pitch, run_roll, bob_up, bob_pitch, bob_roll to 0
    -gets rid of a lot of the shake you get at higher speeds
    -before this cmd in player's configs was overwritten by the server

-added a check for self->target in trigger_push, the lack of a check caused a crash on pushes that didn't have a target
-added a msg to `checkpoint` trigger pushes if the user does not have the needed amount to pass, telling them how many they need

-checkpoint ui uses a new system
-race ui is back, now shows which race you are racing, is off if not being used
-trigger_push can now be used with checkpoints
-give the trigger_push a target "checkpoint" and a count of how ever many checkpoints you need to pass it
-updated makefile for easier use
-removed sound from trigger_teleport

-old votetime bug from wireplay code
-made dvotes command disable/enable map_allow_voting

-added checkpoints to ui
-all admins announce on login
-added mapsdone to !help
-changed msgs when you join a team
-store is placed automatically on team easy if you dont already have one
-ability to have custom connection msgs

-added 15 more resizable checkpoints, total is now 20
-increased checkpoint_total mset range
-minor fix to pb/1st messages
-added message when admin adds a map to server

-fixed infinite loop that causes most crashes
-enabled checkpoints on main server, they can be added with keys
-mset checkpoint_total now available
-minor ui changes to include cp amount

-removed mutliple messages from appearing on map load in, might reduce load time, see may 7, 2016 commit
-looked into removing other players sounds, does not seem doable, see lines 2297 in pclient, may 7, 2016 commit

-split the main jump mod from the jump version with checkpoints, new folder, jump_cp
-removed all the checkpoint stuff from the main jump folder
-the personal best changes remain

-added hud text that displays how many checkpoints are in a map, is invisible if there are none
-made railguns grabbable again, hopefully fixes the random crashes it caused
-revamped display text when completing a map
    -only displays PB's, no more completion spam on short maps
    -non PB's will display locally
    -displays difference from PB and 1st place on completion


-added checkpoints, grab them all, then grab the rail
-"key" ents act as checkpoints
-added resizable checkpoint ents, 1-20, they work like weapon finish, can't be touching other blocks
-added mset/gset "checkpoint_total", number of checkpoints needed to finish, default 0, max 100
-changed mset/gset "regen" to be able to go negative and zero
-fixed admin login message


-rewrote the info that comes up when you type !help to be useful.
-Removed glue/jumpers/race info from hud
-removed website from hud
-added !commands, same as !help
-!w can be used to whisper someone
-listents and entlist both go to listents
-allowed skinbox to go up to 10 instead of 4
-added explanation to the playerscores percentage
-added point values to top of playerscores/times
-changed playertimes and playerscores to top 15 instead of top 10
-gravity can now be mset/gset to 0, it used to reset to 800 (DJ's request for some map)
-lowered default kill_delay time
-changed the path of boxes to be [size]box3, in order to force download to people
-added a resizeable area finish line ent called 'weapon_finish'
-made the weapon_finish act like a railgun
-added a fix_users_file script that will sync the number of maps completed for each user
-added a last_place_fix script that will fill the 15th place gap created by deleting a time
-added a stuff_message script that will send multiple messages to the server at fixed intervals

Fixes to make CTF code work

maptimes command now shows difference from 1st
Mapvote todo now picks a random todo map

Added glowing admins
gset glow_admin 1 to turn admin glowing on
gset glow_multi to turn rainbow admin of max level on
When a 1st place is set 5minutes extra time added
Hook removed from admin, free to all
No longer given admin after 5 minutes remaining

Tidied up some .xxx display code

Timing now doesnt begin until you move
Added .xxx timing
Fixed !fps command

1.0 final
All top 15 replays are now saved
replay list will show those available (also a marker on scoreboard)
gset numberone_wav stores the wav file for er, numberones :)
finally fixed the date order sort bug
gset numsoundwavs finally works. if you want 3 jump wavs name them jump1.wav,jump2.wav,jump3.wav and set numsoundwavs to 3
mapcount listed on hud
acmd togglehud added for screenshots
when votes are tied a random map is now chosen
gset glow_admin - anyone with the admin level specified by this value will glow a different colour
fixed issue with spaces in players names
antiglue has been modified:
  m/gset antiglue 1 - the same as antiglue 2 was before (available to everyone with antiglue_penalty applied when on)
  m/gset antiglue 0 - now available to everyone on EASY team but disabled for HARD
!seen command added
maplist <letter>, shows maps starting from that letter
race command overhauled. race <replaynumber>, race delay <number>, race now, race off and just race
fixed a serious admin bug
cleanhud client command
p_say no longer works when silenced
all replays from 0.85 are now copied into a 0.86 format when the map is first loaded
forceteam command removed
fixed timer being reset when dying on easy
> markers on vote menu showing the calculated difficulty of each map.
  >>>>> 5 or less times set
   >>>> less than 10 (or less than 15 if map updated) times set. OR 15 times set and difference between 1st and 15th > 100%
    >>> 15 times set and difference between 1st and 15th > 50%
     >> 15 times set and difference between 1st and 15th < 50%
      > 15 times set and difference between 1st and 15th < 20%
mapvote todo command added. this is the same as mapvote next, except it uses your not yet completed maplist
fixed a few issues relating to a blank id being assigned (mapsleft for example when no identity loaded)
removed ALL goodmap code. addedtimemap replaces addedtimegood/bad/neutral
gset voteseed added, default 20. if you are using the new maplist format (and have maps played figures in html stats) this option makes sure 1 map
  from the 20 least played maps is shown 0,1,2 or 3 of the voting positions (chosen at random). set to 0 to disable
  nb. you can enable maplist played count via gset maplist_times
added map skill level to maplist, mapsleft and mapsdone
playerscores command added to sort the l33t for the not so l33t
duplicate maps are removed from maplist when server loads
scoring system updated to cover top 15: 25,20,16,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
gset voteextratime - if addedtime > max per level you can still add more if EVERYONE agrees, upto voteextratime amount (default 60)
fixed the final bug in highscore table, caused by annoying floating points
name bans are no longer case sensitive
gset admin_model and gset admin_model_level (the level at which they get the model)
jump/models.cfg - add model names seperated by a space/newline. admins at above level may change their model to one of these by typing skin modelname
skinlist command added for admins to see what models are available
updatescores code removed. command remains incase its needed
silenced players can no longer votetime
removed all completion_score code as it was causing huge lag everytime somebody finished the map
compare function - allows you to compare 2 players map completions
the 30 second wait to vote yes when entering server has been fixed. you can now vote on something issued after joining server
fixed angle wonkyness when using goto or bring functions
Vote menu now indicates if you have completed a map
next maps listed on the scoreboard
rand and nominate commands added for the next voting maps
model_ghost renamed to ghosty_model. set to 0 for normal operation, or a player model number to use that.
ghost command lists available models and allows an mset ghosty_model to be set directly
  models must be placed in players/ghost directory, with names such as homer.md2 and homer.pcx. the homer.md2 MUST be
  edited so that it has a default skin pointing to homer.pcx. I have compiled 100 models in this way so you dont need to
  ghost_models.cfg must contain a list of these models for them to be available to the mod
max_votes now applies only to failed or cancelled votes, not those that pass
mset clear now works as it was supposed to
jumpers client command added. makes other jumpers invisible/visible
put some more information on the hud
automated under 1 minute voting via gset autotime. set to 0 to disable
gset hideghost - if anyone has jumpers off and ghost gets to within this distance of them it is hidden
acmd changename to change a players name
1st command to list recent first players
spectators now see a players racer when chasing
!stats command added

FPS and movement displayed on hud
FPS and movement recorded to demos
Scoreboard made more effecient. It now generates 11 fewer bytes per player displayed.
Highscore board also made more effecient and expanded to top 15
Fixed bug where players sometimes get given the id of top player when joining server
Store angle bug fixed
Antiglue code added via mset and gset
antiglue command for clients when gset antiglue 2
Antiglue penalty has been added. gset antiglue_penalty <value>. 1 = 0.1 second penalty per jump made with antiglue on
  this only applies when mset/gset antiglue is 2
  when antiglue is 2 and a user turns on antiglue, they will be prevented from setting a 1st place time
  antiglue_allow1st defaults to 0. If 1st place is 10seconds and user sets a time of 8seconds, their time will be increased to 8+(10-8)*2=12 seconds
Goodmaplist no longer functions. The main maplist now fills goodmaplist when the server starts
All badmap code has been removed
acmd completions added - use this to reset the completion score. ive noticed its broke on a lot of servers (inc wireplay)
The current and previous 3 maps are listed on hud
Replay speeds changed to more useful values
When you hit fire during a replay to goto chasecam it now stops the replay
A race <delay> added. This is how far ahead of you the race should start.
Silence now only spams once
Velocity is displayed on hud for easy team
The addtime bugs have been fixed
The ineye chasecam enabled with second fire
A numberone.wav added for setting a 1st place
Instant weapon switch enforced
All names on lists are highlighted if player is currently connected to server
Matching times are now sorted by date, rather than pot luck :)
The current vote in progress is now listed on hud
Ball can now be kicked again. A message is displayed when it hits a player on hard team.

Fixed mapsleft/mapsdone commands where if any player used one of these commands, all players times would revert to the time they had before the mapstarted.
If the 10th place time is removed, it no longer remains on the Top 10 display.
When a player is silenced by an admin, it is now written to the console and will appear in qconsole.log
When a player is unsilenced by an admin, it is now written to the admin.log

Fix server hanging when last player disconnects during the voting time.
Increase Max maps to 2048.

Removed XANIA/NITRO kicking

Added gset holdtime, where if 1, it will stop time for the last 60 seconds of the map if the server is empty
Added remmap command to remove maps from the server, in doing so removing it from all maplists
Added ADMIN_REMMAP_LEVEL with 'remmap' caller
Seperated most ACMD commands to enable level spreading of commands
Added 'admin account' caller on each level an acmd command is available
Admin boot now temporaraly bans the booted player, voted boots do not ban
Added announcements for dvotes, forceteam, and announces to the person who he was slapped by
Anounces the identification of a person pvoting or cvoting elections to the public, aswell as 'addtime'
Added gset variable 'addtime_announce' 'pvote_announce' and 'cvote_announce'
Fixed chasecam bug (Chased player's time would not display sometimes)
Fixed bug where if you vote a map starting with a number (eg: 4c3jump1) it would go to that number map not the map you voted
Fixed gravity bugs (different spawnflag entities would get multiplied together for resulting (gravity)
Trigger_gravity now uses normal values (eg: 400, 800, etc)
Replaced the current scoring system with the old one where your completion scores depends on how many times you've completed a map of a certain best time
with interpolation using the value of gset completion_seed
Added 'updatescores' command and ADMIN_UPDATESCORES_LEVEL (to be used after changing completion_seed)

Added Hannibal's code for:
Disabled 'nomapvotetime' when there's less then 3 people on the server
Fixed bug where gibs meeting a trigger_hurt would crash the server (the big one?)

In a trigger_gravity:
- Spawnflags 0 - players aren't affected by it
- Spawnflags 1 - players are affected and their gravity changes back when they leave.
- Spawnflags 2 - players are affected and their gravity doesnt change back until they reach another trigger_gravity of Spawnflags 2
Added player banning commands - whois, addban, remban, listbans, banflags (type addban for info on how to use) (use 256 in ip banning as wildcard)
Enabled earthquakes

With spawnflags set to 1 on a trigger_gravity it will now also affect players.
Hannibal's code added for:
* Change the connected console message to include the clients IP - like OSP tourney.
* Added a 10 minute timestamp to be printed to the console - like OSP tourney.
* Added gset map_end_warn_sounds. Plays 5 minute and 1 minute warning wav's for the end of the map - like Quake 3.

Re-Added monster_flipper monster_soldier* monster_infantry monster_gunner monster_mutant monster_berserk monster_commander_body monster_boss3_stand (They are noclip and notarget by default. Add 64 to spawnflags to remove noclip and 128 to remove notarget).
Minor bug fixes
Added speed to path_corner (for func_train)
Allowed targetted lights in jumpmod.
Changed race spark to green line.
Added 'chasemode' to toggle between ineye and 3rd person chasecam.
Added ent 'misc_ball'

Fixed slow motion replay interpolation errors
Added 'dummyvote' command
Added replay race spark
Stopped fire rocket at spawn and kill cheat
Added last maps memory to stop maps being overplayed
Added mset allow_srj
Added gsets allow_race_spark nomapvotetime notimevotetime allow_admin_boot maps_pass adminmaxaddtime ghost_glow

Animated replays
Fixed todays first places html generation
Fixed votetime and max added time bug
Fixed 'votetime -100' bug
*Fixed bug where if gibs touched a 'trigger_hurt' with a damage of 1 the server will crash

Implemented a pretty decent html stats output system. 
gset html_create 1 to turn it on
gset html_profile to change profiles (the digit after each of the templates represents profile number)
acmd resync is required whenever changes are made to profile or the template files

wootwoots new list_admin_commands added
anti super rocket jump code added
fixed votetime bug
grenade launcher now allowed in rocket mode

fixed added time

hook set to solid_trigger, t_damage on client touch removed
a decent replay slowmo added
acmd badmap goodmap fixed
aset command added, admin levels set thru this
tidied up gset/mset/aset listings
replay repeating done by pressing jump

showjumps command added, shows distance between jumps
addedtimeoveride added, used as mset to overide good/bad/neutral settings
mapsdone command added

blaster re-added as normal
doors can now be shot as normal
fixed mset blaster to apply only to blaster, and not other weapons. can now be made default off
gset addedtimegood/bad/neutral added. stes maximum added time per map
fixed mapsleft listig bug

mset edited_by fixed
validatemap added, checked on map change NOT on maplist load
singlespawn/falldamage moved to mset

fixed bugs in the voting menu
gset falldamage added
ordered score table by rank
acmd goodmap this/number
skinent command added

acmd nextmaps fixed, now allows use of mapnames
acmd sortmaps added
gset numsoundwavs added
some extra booting a client code
can now see what time would be on easy team
badmaplist code updated
ball fixed, hard team has no interaction with it
gset singlespawn added
added invisible blocks if skin number 4 used
forceteam no longer works on high admins
mapsleft command added, displays maps you need to finish
playermaps command added, shows the new scoring system table
new scoring system is in place and working
acmd resync added
fixed server_map.cfg creation
fixed random voting
added.ini file created when sv addmaps command issued, with date for each map
gset intermission added, 50 for 5 seconds default
gset goodmapsinvote added, decides how many of the 3 options are taken from goodmaplist
updated hud display

1. acmd rembadmap, acmd badmap. these maps will not appear in the vote menu
2. acmd nextmaps 1 2 3
3. updated edited_by to work with rement/mset
4. mset droptofloor 
5. tigger_hurt of 1 = rocket launcher removed from client
6. redkey overides admin+jetpack

1. server errors now send a quit command
2. completion score reworked
3. gset/mset page display.
4. ability to store on hard team
5. placed ability to store only on ground into gset as toggle
6. mset string holding default "noone", on each addent create update with admins name
7. unlimited ammo in rocket mode
8. allow easy team to pickup a rocket launcher if in rocket mode
9. if admin command has parameters, do not spam command list
10. if player sets a 1st place give them temp admin level 1
11. fixed handout of admin level 1
12. some new gset/mset commands added
13. if idle you cant vote
14. 3 store points avail. use recall 1/2/3 to goto either/ stored positions get moved back thru the chain.

1. goodmaplist command added in place of acmd listgoodmaps
2. typing admin while logged in lists your admin commands
3. slap added to admin command list
4. addtime now accepts negative values
5. votetime command added, maximum 30minutes to be added
6. !fps command
7. addmaps command - doesnt add a map if already exists
8. G_freeedict now sets nextthink to 0
9. sv_runthink now returns if ent->think == NULL, should stop crashes (or may cause some, who knows :) )
10. silence bug fixed, just needed an else, not complete removal as poe posted
11. when changing teams, hook reset applied
12. acmd adminlevel 
13. added give all/anything to level 5 admins
14. changepass command added

1. addmaps server command for miner
2. play a sound when you make your first completion on a map
3. fixed admin level 1 handout
4. maplist_times should have been default 0 not 1
5. increased demo length from 500 to 1000 seconds
6. fixed addtime 0 
7. scoreboard misaligned
8. slap all
9. gset hookpull added

1. addball only works in overtime
2. gset toggle for numbers in maplist, default off
3. level 7 stuff command
4. mapvote by number
5. slap command for level 4 admins
6. remall code to work prior to adding entities, so doors etc are not added
7. unadminall command added, level 4 and above and works only on admins lower than you
8. silence/boot now works on admins with lower levels than you
9. scoreboard bug fixed, and changed slightly
10. entity adding lock/unlocking - acmd lock
11. addtime adds accumulative amount
12. classname jump_time added
13. maplist update value now stores how many times map has been played, acmd ratereset added to facilitate jolt upgrade
14. think i fixed replay crouching bug
15. mapvote at end, will no longer include current map
16. fix slant bug
17. fixed kill bug on easy when have store set
18. classname jump_score added

  Scoreboard (increased gap between players, sort by team first, add an extra bit of space gap between each team, show who specs are chasing only at bottom)
  Completion scoring - sub 5 seconds dont allow points
  Remtimes deletes the lot, dont make em all 9999 (adjust website code to match)
  Alignent x/y/z with no value aligns to closest entity
  Mkadmin all added
  Show best time/player in mapvote list at end
  Remove from chasecam on map end
  A goodmaplist.ini - when the end of map vote comes up, it will show 1 map from this list, and 2 from the main maplist
    acmd goodmap, acmd listgoodmaps, acmd remgoodmap

  Time saving code bug fixes
  Doors that needed shooting before, no longer do
  remtimes re-enabled
  remtime re-enabled - both these functions now remove the demo
  fixed sorting of times on scoreboard
  added a blue glow to the grenade
  mini tag game added, client command playtag, admin mset/gset command playtag (default off)
  lilreds code 
    - replay repeat rep_repeat
    - replay stop, rstop
    - replay stopped when going to chasecam
    - no need to leave chasecam to replay

0.67 :
  Added tournament mode code (disables everything)
  Fixed gibbage on death with jetpack
  Fixed bug where your jetpack stayed active in observer
  Updated timing code completely.
  Now saves times for all users
  Your best time for current map will be shown on scoreboard
  Rewrote Scoreboard code
  New scoring code
  When you die on easy, you are taken back to store not start
  When you recall without a spawn set, kill is issued
  recall on hard team is same as kill
  addtime command added for admin level 4 and above
  dvote command added for admin level 5 and above, disabled voting for current map
  Fixed ability to hook clients when a spectator in overtime
  Maplist has been updated to include a date stamp of last update (messy i know, but speeds up website)
  Rocket code now inside mset, can be done on the fly
  Admin level 7 addmap command, add a map without server restart
  cmsg added as an mset option
  addball for level 6 admins, adds a football type item

  Fixed an overtime bug
  Added lastman standing code

  Fixed a major bug that caused jumpmod to crash on certain pcs

1. jumpmod_effect class added
2. updated flashlight code to project source in front
3. angles were not saving on entities
4. transparency was not working
5. hook speed gset variable added
6. auto admin is given 5mins before map end, not 15mins into
7. if idle time > 20 seconds, make client invisible
8. autokick - only kick clients if server full
9. fixed remall weapons bug on map restart
10. added level 4 admin 'throwup' command
11. blaster kickback removal fixed
12. added say_person command
13. end of map overtime code. ra2/rail/fastest time added
14. client command queue code added, commands handed after set time to avoid overflows

  Added dynamic lights for end of map point and person with best time. mset and gset commands best_time_glow, see help file. 
  Fixed being kicked when talking in console 
  Replaced all gi.errors with server restart function 
  Added flashlight
  Updated help screens

  added time remaining and version cvars to status
  remtimes now deletes the demo 
  removed ghost model frame cycling 
  server bug, when dead do a normal kill command 
  number of jumps not reset on kill 
  unsilence command, add whether silenced to playerlist output 
  dump store/recall info when joining easy team. dump pauseme/autorecord etc when joining hard 
  only allow store if on ground, fix slant bug 
  unadminuser - unadmin a specified admin 
  unsilence admins when they login 
  chasecam update, pressing fire will choose chasecam 
  auto admin login, stay thru level loads 
  player damage fixed 
  removing of all spawn pads no longer crashes server

  listents was being allowed by non admins 
  autorecord auto toggles now 
  fixed minor display problems 
  reduced max ents to 50 
  added cmsgs command toggle

  Added time delay in changing teams 
  Rredone the kill/recall routines : 
  You can now kill youself every 0.2 seconds 
  Kill on easy will take you back to the start, and reset your recall count 
  Forceteam command added (lvl 4 admins) 
  Remall apply command added 
  Fixed a few things inside remall (see help file) 
  Added a client auto record option, command autorecord 
  Pauseme command for hard team (stop time and prevent movement) 
  Made deleteents remove the rem file too 
  Reset time elapsed when joining hard from spectator at start 
  AlignBox command added
  The stored entity model can now be chosen 
  mset ghost 0/1, gset gghost 0/1. when set, will display a ghost image of the replay for that map (if exists). 
  Overhauled the help screen 
  Made team change menu appear instead of inven 
  Shiftent x/y/z num. will move the temp entity set units along axis 
  Removal of individual times (remtime) 
  Kill_delay mset/gset added
  Fixed autorecord,forceteam bug
  Removed Centerprint messages

  Totally redone the mset structure, gset and acmd commands added
  remall has been rewritten to allow removal of any entities
  Fixed damage to other players bug

  Added huge amount of debug info, outputed to debug.log
  rerouted the kill command to recall (for faster respawns) 
  Fixed inability to vote when chasing a player, and wrong menu shown when joining during a vote 
  Fixed replay code, it sometimes overwrites the fastest overall when it shouldnt 
  If on a team and you type replay, now sent to observer first.
  Moveent moved down to level 5 admins
  Removed spawning of techs

  Fixed bug with moving of teleporters
  Fixed slant bug on player recall
  Removed Earthquakes
  Auto Kick after set time idle code added

  uptime command added

  Increased Auto Admin time
  Forcing players to spec on popup
  Reduce timelimit displayed by 20 seconds
  Mapvote bug fixed

  Removed auto block download code
  Deleteents command added
  Adding of teleporter crash fixed
  Fixed blocks out of alignment
  Bring and goto commands added for level 4 admins
  Fixed admin assignment bug

  Everyone gets temp level 1 admin after 5 minutes on map
  Easy team score shows total number of recalls
  Hard team score shows total number of finishes
  Scores are saved when changing teams
  Stored head stays thru team changes
  Fixed model offsets

  Removed a few things from spawnentities
  Located the cause of the crashes, have coded a fix, but still bemused as to reason it crashes
  Added single spawn pad code
  Added level 6 commands addbox and movebox (this is still in beta)
  Fixup entity code so we can add/remove items on the fly
  listents command added to allow for more entitie
  Removed annoying lava sound
  moveent command added for level6 admins (because it moves boxes too)
  skinbox added, multiple skins allowed

  Added lfire style end of map voting

  Think we finally tracked down server crashing bug (Added some logging code just incase)
  Replay can now be slowed down/speeded up or paused. Hit +forward/+back to change speed.

0.49 :
  Silent admin login for admins level 4 and over
  Voting is not allowed until 30 seconds into entering map

0.48 :
  Unlimited ammo added for rocket olympics
  Added 2 new admin levels

0.47 :
  Removed ability for spectators to fire guns
  Made map voting non case dependant
  Another attempt to fix server crashes
  Added rocket olympic support

0.46 :
  mvote added
  disallow silencing of admins
  mkadmin command added
  moved saving of demos to jumpdemo folder
  mset reset command added (use with care)

0.45 :
  Downgraded back to 0.43 code
  Added ability to replay fastest time this map

0.44 :
  Fixed voting bug where u lose a vote if cast while one in progress
  Increased demo saving to all top 10 positions (only prob atm is they are only refreshed on map load)
  demos mset var added, max places of demos to save

0.43 :
  Added mapvote notimes option
  Fixed maplist output
  Fixed some bugs

0.42 :
  Added some debug code to locate bug

0.41 :
  Added recall command
  Updated !help output
  Added admin command list on auth
  Removed Teleporter effect when players join teams
  Added time display to replay

0.40 :
  Fastest players route is saved as demo (type replay to show it)
  Fixed hook for level 1 admins
  Added mset hook, can be turned on/off
  May have fixed server crashes (lets hope)
  Adding of players is no longer case dependant
  Updated maplist to show the fastest time for that map
  Fixed The jump stats, should work properly now

0.39 :
  Timelimit was never causing a mapchange
  Removed grapple for jump part of mod
  Player glows now added to mset
  Increased jetpack to 60seconds
  cvote is now an admin level 4 priv
  pvote added, forces current vote thru
  display admin level in playerlist
  Added admin user and pass, u will need a new admin.cfg
  MAX_ADMINS was set at 5, increased to 128
  addadmin, remadmin, listadmins commands added
  Only allowed admin lvl 5 adding of admins
  allow_blaster fixed
  Made Jetpack auto use again
  Hook added, +hook

0.38 :
  Blaster enabled for easy team
  Admin menu commands disallowed for below admin level 5
  Silence becomes a voting option
  timelimit_ctf added (default 5 mins)
  mapvote next and mapvote prev added
  fixed a bug with noclip command

0.37 :
  Added grapple when players finish map
  Jetpack no longer auto used (use jetpack ot activate)
  Noclip command added for level 2 admins
  Silence stops voting
  Silence stops firing blaster
  Removed yellow glow for any time
  Unadmin command added
  Updated time ini file format to save gametype
  Maplist display updated to show ctf maps
  Website updated to reflect these changes
  JumpMod is now Jump&GrappleMod :)

0.36 :
  Admin logging of ip fixed

0.35 :
  silence command added
  re-ordered admins privs
  mset timelimit added
  mset walkthru added
  removed teleporter time delay (more like q3 now, velocity still removed)
  mset fastdoors added - default off
  mset fasttele added - default off
  only first item picked up spams to server

0.34 :
  added coord command
  fixed removal of buttons
  added display of how many jumps a player used to finish
  added admin levels - see readme
  added admin logging
  extended readme file (boring)
  some more code cleanup

0.33 :
  Options set thru mset are saved to file
  Added mset options for health and regen speed

0.32 :
  Fixed damage problems by given everyone the equiv of an autodoc :)

0.31 :
  Lowered any type of damage to 1 point.
  Fixed problem of doors not opening with blaster
  Added jetpack for admin (only works on easy team)
  Player glows updated - red fastest time - yellow any time
  Added remall option to remove spawn pads & triggers for a map
  Added admin option to make easy team players invisible

0.30 :
  Removed quad and invuln glow
  Fastest time for map - glows white
  Admin - glows blue
  Both - glows cyan
  Player damage now an mset var
  Player health lowered to 400
  Players can damage themselves, but not other players
  Removed zero length name code (may be cause of crashes?)
  Easy team now shown in female model
  Moved code around a bit so we may see why it crashes

0.29 :
  Made it easier to install.

0.28 :
  Disabled use of Quad
  key_red_key now disables use of jetpack

0.27 :
  Added ability to remove item/weapon entities from a map (added entities will still be created)
  Allowed weapons to damage anything but clients (doors that need to be shot, can be)
  Added cvote command for admin to cancel a vote
  Limited all players to a maximum of 3 votes per map
  Jetpack fuel is now accumulative, rather than reseting to 30 secs
  Removed Jetpack sparks
  Playerlist now displays who is chasing who
  Chaseme command added

0.26 :
  XANIA,NITRO banning

0.25 :
  Made players and stored head translucent
  Added command : chase, does same as tourney mod
  Improved speed of timing code
  Fixed overflow problem
  Re-enabled blaster for hard team, sound removed
  Jetpack - 30 secs of jet when pickup of weapon
  Command mset added for admins

0.24 :
  Fixed a bug wherby players with no name crashed server
  Extended entity overide code, addent and rement

0.23 :
  Fixed a potential bug in entity code
  Fixed bug in playertime updating code

0.22 :
  Added 2 commands add_ent and remove_ent (only works for admins)
  Use add_ent <classname>
  Added boot ability to admin, and removed admin elections

0.21 :
  Added extended stat logging
  New commands maptimes and playertimes
  !help now to be used in place of commands
  Removed the ability to use zero length names (caused problems)
  Removed death sounds
  Added entity overide code, see readme section 5 above

0.20 :
  Updated map file format
  Removed ability for Easy team to pickup grenades (grr)
  Fixed a major bug in time code, whereby if the file doesnt exist, it never gets created.

0.19 :
  Fixed bug whereby a mapvote being passed erases best times that map.

0.18 :
  Bugfix release

0.17 :
  Removed dead bodies
  boot <player number> added
  Increased intermissiontime to 10 seconds
  Reworded voting text (boring)

0.16 :
  Fixed a bug that crashed linux servers (godamn linux)
  Added score code to 'help' command also
  Added optional display of carmacks head for players stored locations :)

0.15 :
  Added a highscore table
  Increased highscore count to 10
  Removed spam on map start/end
  Added date to highscores
  other bits I forgot :)

0.14 :
  removed shit loads of ctf stats
  added item timer on status bar
  added time remaining on status bar
  fixed up the ctf scoreboard a bit

0.13 :
  Stored locations reset on joining easy team
  Fixed bug in mapvoting that crashed linux versions

0.12 :
  Added mapvote random option

0.11 : 
  Fixed bug in double names for timing

Wiki Changelogs

-changed to a cyborg dark theme
-added active servers
-removed contact, now on the main page
-added more placeholders for player pages
-renamed most files, replaced pngs with jpgs for less disk space
-added the identity cup stuff

-mostly finished the ccup page
-added a ccup maps page to show off the tournament maps
-removed beta header
-added some spawnflags for a sound target
-small worldspawn changes
-added all the ccup images
-added the how to make maps look good page

-added a simple autoexec file generator for people to use
-removed the docs folder from git, removes clutter
-updated gitignore to catch user files better

-added arghrad manual
-added a faq/links section
-major reformat of most pages
-added changelogs
-added contacts
-added downloads
-fixed some jquery issues
-added a jump ents page
-added tournaments to the nav bar
-added corona cup info
-fixed the readme

-Base of the wiki added, templates etc

Bot Changelogs

-added a bunch of helper functions
-added channel restriction options
-improved the way most commands run, faster etc
-say command should be more stable

-Base of the bot added, templates etc

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