A few example maps of what an identity could be. Obviously there are many more options for the sort of things that could work. I mostly grabbed my own maps for sake of time. I’ll add more if people come across them.

Jump Based Identity


A checkpoint based map with a rocket launcher. You do two laps around the same map. The twist is that at the end of the first lap you pick up a rocket launcher which allows a totally different route for the 2nd lap.


A funnel that forces you to use the curves to get enough speed to do the next jump.


A center obelisk that that the map comes back to multiple times.


A unique strafe to double jump section.


An oddly shaped ramp section.

Theme Based Identity


The entire theme of the map is coffee. There are cups of coffee around the map, and it ends by jumping down the spout of a giant coffee machine.


A fully christmas themed map.


A lego themed map.


An oil rig themed map.

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