vanilla keypairs

sky: the environment that you are setting the level in, choice are found in the env folder

skyaxis: can specify if you want your sky to rotate on an axis, in x y z format, so to rotate on x, use 1 0 0.

skyrotate: the speed of the rotation in degrees/second

message: the title of your level, it will display when loading the level in the console

arghrad keypairs

Some of the most common keypairs are listed below. If you wish to see a more robust list it is best to read the full arghrad manual.


The angle the sun light comes from. Refer to the image below for reference.

_sun_vector: An alternative to _sun_angle which is used by specifying a specific point on the map the sun should shine to. Use a x y z value to do this.

_sun_light: Defines the brightness for the sun.

_sun_color: Let’s you give the sun a color with a r g b schema. I again do not recommend using this keypair as `_sun_surface is significantly better at doing this job.

_sun_ambient: The usage is a single #. This will override the default shadow darkness. A higher value means the shadows in your map will be brighter. You can also give it a r g b value which will override shadows with a specific color. I highly recommend using _sun_surface instead.

_sun_diffuse: This provides a layer of transition shadow between where the original shadow is, and where the light would be. It basically makes shadows less harsh.

_sun_surface: A better alternative to both _sun_color and _sun_ambient. It more accurately predicts where sun would be hitting the map and does shadowing that looks much more realistic. A value of 1 uses the color of the sky brushes, and a r g b value uses any color you want. I personally like using black sky brushes with a value of 1. This tends to give the most reliable look.

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