There is not much to say about these, simply place them in your level where you want the player to get them. Be sure there is enough ammo lying around for players to find and use. In jumpmod, the rocketlauncher is used for many maps as a movement tool. The railgun is used to end the run timer.

Entity Description
weapon_bfg BFG
ammo = cells
weapon_chaingun Chaingun
ammo = bullets
weapon_grenadelauncher Grenade launcher
ammo = grenades
weapon_hyperblaster Hyperblaster
ammo = cells
weapon_machinegun Machine gun
ammo = bullets
weapon_railgun Railgun
ammo = slugs
weapon_rocketlauncher Rocket launcher
ammo = rockets
weapon_shotgun Shotgun
ammo = shells
weapon_supershotgun Super shotgun
ammo = shells

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