Here is a list of all the available world sounds in quake 2. These can be called by most ents that use a sound or noise keypair.

This list only has world sounds listed, if looking for all sounds, that list can be found here.

name description
10_0.WAV Computer: “10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..”
AIRHISS1.WAV Air hiss (short, soft)
AIRHISS2.WAV Air hiss (short, louder)
AMB1.WAV Soft energy whistle
AMB10.WAV Alien computer sound
AMB11.WAV Rattling sound
AMB12.WAV Air pumping sound
AMB13.WAV Machinery
AMB14.WAV Air whistle
AMB15.WAV Deep computer hum
AMB16.WAV Air/computer sound
AMB17.WAV Machines rattling/cranking
AMB18.WAV Very soft drone sound
AMB19.WAV Air/computer sound
AMB2.WAV Fluorescent light hum
AMB20.WAV Fireball sound
AMB21.WAV Air at intervals
AMB22.WAV Very soft computer sound
AMB23.WAV Computer hum, shorter
AMB24.WAV Funny alien humming
AMB3.WAV Soft rattle, machines
AMB4.WAV Alien machines
AMB5.WAV Sounds like a helicopter
AMB6.WAV Helicopter, higher pitched
AMB7.WAV Fluorescent lights
AMB8.WAV Water or steam rushing
AMB9.WAV Rattling machines
BATTLE1.WAV Distant explosion
BATTLE2.WAV Distant explosion
BATTLE3.WAV Three explosions
BATTLE4.WAV Loud explosion + soft explosion
BATTLE5.WAV Loud explosion
BIGPUMP.WAV A water pump
BIGPUMP2.WAV A pump machine
BLACKHOLE.WAV A blackhole generator sound
BRKGLAS.WAV Loud glass shattering sound
BUBBL4.WAV Water glurp
BUBL1.WAV Underwater bubbles
BUBL2.WAV Underwater bubbles
BUBL3.WAV Underwater bubbles
COMLAS1.WAV Computer: “Communication laser neutralized.”
COMP_HUM1.WAV Soft computer hum
COMP_HUM2.WAV Sounds like computer talk
COMP_HUM3.WAV Computer beeps
CURNT1.WAV Moving water (fast stream, small waterfall)
CURNT2.WAV Small stream (trickle)
CURNT3.WAV Stream with a little echo
DATASPIN.WAV Computer: “Data spinner reprogrammed.”
DEACTIVATED.WAV Computer: “Deactivated.”
DISH1.WAV Satellite Dish moving
DRILL1.WAV Drill hum
DRILL2A.WAV Vehicle moving
DRILLER1.WAV Drill engine
DRIP1.WAV Water drip
DRIP2.WAV Water drip
DRIP3.WAV Water drip
DRIP_AMB.WAV A few drips
DR_LONG.WAV A crane moving (long)
DR_SHORT.WAV Crane (short)
EXPLOD1.WAV Explosion
EXPLOD2.WAV Short explosion
FAN1.WAV Soft fan hum
FLESH1.WAV Guts sound
FLESH2.WAV Guts sound
FLYBY.WAV Flyby sound
FLYBY1.WAV Flyby sound
FLYBY2.WAV Flyby sound
FLYBY3.WAV Flyby sound
FORCE1.WAV Deep forcefield hum
FORCE2.WAV Force field shutting off
FORCE3.WAV Spark sound
FUSEIN.WAV Plugin sound
FUSEOUT.WAV Unplug sound
INCOMING.WAV Computer: “Incoming air strike.”
KLAXON1.WAV Warning klaxon
KLAXON2.WAV High pitched klaxon
LAND.WAV Hit the ground
LASER.WAV Laser hum
LASHUM1.WAV Few second delay, then "
LASOFF1.WAV Laser hum, fades away
LAVA1.WAV Lava fizzling
LITE_ON1.WAV Lights on
LITE_ON2.WAV Lights on
LITE_ON3.WAV Lights fade on
LITE_OUT.WAV Lights out
L_HUM1.WAV Light fizzling sound
L_HUM2.WAV Deep light hum
MACH1.WAV Rackety machines
MACH2.WAV Longer rackety machines
MACH3.WAV Slower rackety machines
MOV_WATR.WAV Moving water
PILOT1.WAV Pilot: “We had a fix on target but no lock. Re-establish contact with ground unit and paint us a clean target.”
PILOT2.WAV Pilot: “Mother goose, target is painted and green for fox 3. ECM is active and I’m going for payload delivery.”
PILOT3.WAV Pilot: “Red leader, this is papa sierra 3-3. We need some paint on the ground for payload.”
PUMP1.WAV Pump machines
PUMP2.WAV Pump machines
PUMP3.WAV Pumping hum
PUMPING.WAV Computer: “Pumping system activated.”
PYRAMID.WAV Alien pyramid moving
QUAKE.WAV Earthquake sound
RADIO2.WAV Radio fizzling sound
RADIO3.WAV Radio fizzling sound
REACTOR.WAV Computer: “Reactor core exposed.”
REDFORCE.WAV Computer: “Red force fields deactivated.”
RIC1.WAV Bullet ricocheting
RIC2.WAV Bullet ricocheting
RIC3.WAV Bullet ricocheting
ROCKS1.WAV Rocks tumbling
SCAN1.WAV Alien scanner sound
SHORT1.WAV Electrical short
STEAM1.WAV Steam puff
STEAM2.WAV Steam puff, longer
STEAM3.WAV Four steam puffs
STP_WATR.WAV Water swish
TELE1.WAV Teleporter hum
TRAIN1.WAV Train racketing
TRAIN2.WAV Train stopping
TURBINE1.WAV Turbine hum
UPLINK2.WAV Computer: “Communication uplink established.”
VENTSYS.WAV Computer: “Ventilation systems activated.”
VOICE1.WAV Radio: “All pods launched.”
VOICE10.WAV Radio: “All personnel copying this transmission rendezvous at designated points alpha, bravo, charlie.”
VOICE11.WAV Radio: “Establish communications, priority alpha.”
VOICE3.WAV Radio: "Remaining fire teams engage in primary and secondary objectives
VOICE4.WAV Radio: “Reporting 80%, failing vital sign track.”
VOICE5.WAV Radio: “All squad leaders coordinate with sister tapes.”
VOICE6.WAV Radio: “Any squad leaders this freq. fall back to primary L-Z.”
VOICE7.WAV Radio: “Reporting 95%, failing vital sign track.”
V_BAS1.WAV Radio: “EOD confirms bridge is down.”
V_BAS2.WAV Radio: “Last recon beta indicates access through sewers.”
V_BAS3.WAV Radio: “ indicate possible camouflaged access in wet sector 432.”
V_BAS4.WAV Radio: “Recon established and confirm heavy fortification near enemy comm facility.”
V_BAS5.WAV Radio: “Copy that recon 1 charlie. Scan for keycode pass now.”
V_BAS6.WAV Radio: “Marines we’re at %5 ground force operational status.”
V_CIT1.WAV Radio: “All units locate and acquire working enemy data device.”
V_CIT2.WAV Radio: “We have a disable and destroy order on communication link.”
V_CMD1.WAV Radio: “All units, we have a disable and destroy order on enemy central computer.”
V_CMD2.WAV Radio: “All units, we have target confirmation for EOD on enemy launch computers and black hole generator.”
V_FAC2.WAV Radio: “We have confirmed visual on troops being….being disassembled.”
V_FAC3.WAV Radio: “Somebody shut that place down.”
V_GUN1.WAV Radio: “Disable and destroy orders are green for big gun and primary area.”
V_GUN2.WAV Radio: “IR just spiked in big gun area. Explosion imminent.”
V_WAR1.WAV Radio: “Tactical has given a disable and destroy order on enemy supply train.”
WATER1.WAV Water leaking
WIND2.WAV Wind rushing
XIAN1.WAV Groovy beat
XIANBEATS.WAV Another shorter groovy beat
X_ALARM.WAV A klaxon, almost identical to KLAXON2.WAV
X_LIGHT.WAV Alien light
YELFORCE.WAV Computer: “Yellow force fields deactivated.”

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