Entity Description
light A normal ent light, invisible
light_mine1 A light from the mine levels, have a shape
light_mine2 A light from the mine levels, have a shape


The basic light entity that you will use in most cases of ent lighting. By default this acts a single point of light that expands equally in all directions. Here are some of the ways this behavior can be modified.


light: This is the brightness of the light, which has a proportional relationship with the fall-off distance of the light. The default value is 300.

_color: The color of light the ent will emit. This uses a # # # format where each # corresponds to a reg/green/blue value. However it does not use the typical 0-255 format and instead uses proportional values. For example, 0 0 1 would emit pure blue light, but 0 0 .1 would emit the same color blue. Additionally, .5 1 1, .25 .5 .5, and 50 100 100 would emit the same color.

style: This determines if a light will be dynamic or static. To choose a light style, choose from the list below. The light patterns use the alphabet for a scale of on/off-ness. a represents total darkness, m represents normal, and z represents double brightness. Styles 1-11 are available for use. In order to see dynamic players must use gl_dynamic 1.

Style Letter Pattern
1 FLICKER (first variety) “mmnmmommommnonmmonqnmmo”
2 SLOW STRONG PULSE “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba”
3 CANDLE (first variety) “mmmmmaaaaammmmmaaaaaabcdefgabcdefg”
4 FAST STROBE “mamamamamama”
5 GENTLE PULSE 1 “jklmnopqrstuvwxyzyxwvutsrqponmlkj”
6 FLICKER (second variety) “nmonqnmomnmomomno”
7 CANDLE (second variety) “mmmaaaabcdefgmmmmaaaammmaamm”
8 CANDLE (third variety) “mmmaaammmaaammmabcdefaaaammmmabcdefmmmaaaa”
9 SLOW STROBE (fourth variety) “aaaaaaaazzzzzzzz”
10 FLUORESCENT FLICKER “mmamammmmammamamaaamammma”
11 SLOW PULSE NOT FADE TO BLACK “abcdefghijklmnopqrrqponmlkjihgfedcba”

_cone: Used for spotlights. In order to make a spotlight you need to target an info_null. Place the info_null where you want the light to aim. The default cone size is 10, a higher number makes the spotlight larger.


These are simple predefined lights that were used in the mine levels in the single player campaign. They are just like the lights from above, but have a shape instead of being invisible.

light_mine1 light_mine2

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