These are entities that have been added to jumpmod.


Entity Description
cp_clear clears all the checkpoints of the player
cpbox_large/medium/small adds a single checkpoint to a player
jump_cpbrush physical wall that can be triggered by checkpoints
jump_cpwall see through wall that can be triggered by checkpoints
jumpbox_large/medium/small multi-sized blocks that are usually used by admins to block shortcuts
light_torch a lit torch model
one_way_wall prevents movement in certain direction while allowing it in others
start_line covers the start area of a map to make the timer not start on movement
trigger_finish triggers the finish of a run
trigger_lapcounter counts how many laps a player has done on a map
trigger_lapcp these are needed to be picked up to complete a map
trigger_quad gives the player quad damage
trigger_quad_clear removes quad damage from the player
trigger_single_cp_clear clears a single checkpoint from a player

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